Christmas in Long Jetty

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We are a fun little community here in Long Jetty and I thought it would be cool to ask some of my favourite stores what they are looking forward to this Xmas and what they would love to get from Santa from their store!

Here it goes!


Kellie / Sadie Lou Boutique

What would like to take home from Sadie Lou for Xmas this year? One of our many gorgeous items in store or most popular at Christmas is a gift voucher.

What does Xmas in Long Jetty mean to you? Long busy days at Sadie Lou & awesome vibes in the Jetty. Beach days family and friends.


Brendan / Beautiful Garbage Vintage

What would like to take home from Beautiful Garbage for Xmas this year? Silver & Crystal jewellery for the girls. Music & Tie Dye Tee’s for guys!

What does Xmas in Long Jetty mean to you? Xmas in the Jetty is always fun, with our local customers in relaxed holiday mode (drunk) haha. We are also lucky to catch up with holiday makers who return to the area for Xmas every year, they are always happy to stop for a chat and are Very Keen to shop and dine in Da Jetty.


Amelia / Plain Janes

What would like to take home from Plain Janes for Xmas this year? New basics that can become my summer go to’s plus a little fun. I’ve picked Res denim lovefool rolled shorts, Suboo mesh triangle bikini and some ROC sunglasses.

What does Xmas in Long Jetty mean to you? We can’t wait for our first Christmas in the jetty to us it’s about community, friends, family, summer nights out and plenty of beach fun.

dapper xmas207

Kylie / Long Road Home

What would like to take home from Long Road Home for Xmas this year? My favourite gift this year is the plush round towel. It is big enough for two to use and will come in super handy in the coming warmer months.

What does Xmas in Long Jetty mean to you? Christmas means enjoying all the Coast has to offer. A hearty breakfast at one of the Long Jetty cafes followed by a swim/surf at Shelly Beach. Picnic lunches at Toowoon Bay Park followed by a cool beverage at The Jetty Hotel. Riding our bikes from Long Jetty park along the lake edge to The Entrance and back.

dapper xmas202

Linda / Dapper Darlings Vintage

What would like to take home from Dapper Darlings for Xmas this year? I’d like to take home a KeepCup! The new range of colours are FRESH! For the guys I’d give an Uppercut Deluxe gift pack! My fav is this one with a classic Pomade and Enamel Mug!

What does Xmas in Long Jetty mean to you? Long hot days, beers with the other shop owners after work and heading straight up to the beach after working in the shop all day! I also love supporting the other local businesses so I can be found running around in the week before xmas shopping in everyones stores!

dapper xmas209

Scott / The Sound Exchange

What would like to take home from The Sound Exchange for Xmas this year? Give somebody a Very Aussie Christmas this year as well as show support our local artists by giving the superb debut albums ‘Hungry Ghost’ by Violent Soho or ‘Sometimes I sit and think, and sometimes I just sit’ by Courtney Barnett or even spoil them with one of Silverchairs’ very scarce limited edition reissues of their classic albums.

What does Xmas in Long Jetty mean to you?  Love Christmas in Long Jetty! The place is a buzz with happy people chasing down a unique gift and with so many regular faces it really does have a community feel to it. But my own favourite is sharing some nice food and drinks with friends down by the lake on a sunny afternoon, it’s very hard to beat!

dapper xmas203

Isabelle / One Black Rose

What would like to take home from One Black Rose for Xmas this year? I personally love our natural soy candles and handmade leather necklaces make for a beautifully simple gift for all ages and genders.

What does Xmas in Long Jetty mean to you? A Long Jetty Christmas to me is all about spending time with positive souls, embracing the scorching weather by a blow up pool and barbecuing with tinsel in your hair.


Marcus / Borderline Surf and Skate

What would like to take home from Borderline for Xmas this year? So many options – but the 3 best things would be a SURFBOARD – SKATEBOARD – BODYBOARD .

What does Xmas in Long Jetty mean to you? HOLIDAYS (well not for me! Haha) FAMILY and FOOD! In any order!

dapper xmas208

Lauren / Octopus Garden

What would like to take home from Octopus Garden for Xmas this year? Oh yes!!! I would like Santa to gift me two fiddle leaf figs for my bedroom and this year.

What does Xmas in Long Jetty mean to you? Christmas is long jetty will be all about friends, food and DIY decorating!

Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas from everyone in Long Jetty!


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Dapper Darlings is a vintage clothing store on the Central Coast of NSW selling vintage clothing and locally hand made crafts. Dapper Darlings was born out of the idea that old is beautiful, recycling is fashionable and being an individual is priority. You will find a range of vintage dresses, skirts, blouses, retro knits, mens and womans button up shirts and jackets, shoes, bags, scarves and anything else we uncover in the wonderful world of the old. Every item is hand picked, mended, dyed, altered or just left in all its vintage glory. Some things you just can not improve on! Keep an eye on our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram @dapperdarlings to see whats happening in our world!

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