TEN Exhibition at Grant Molony Gallery

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Lifestyle, Long Jetty

Tonight we attended the TEN Exhibition at Grant Molony Art Gallery in Gracelands. Grant has brought together ten unique artists from all over the Central Coast to exhibit together at his studio. Artists were asked to transform a wooden canvas into an art work of their own.

Hope you enjoy the photos! And if you have time, stop in and check out the artworks.

Gallery Hours: Thursday to Sunday 10am to 4pm

Web: http://grantmolonyphoto.blogspot.com.au & @grantmolonyphotoandart

TEN049 TEN050 TEN051 TEN052 TEN053 TEN054 TEN055 TEN056 TEN057 TEN058 TEN059 TEN060 TEN061 TEN062 TEN063 TEN065 TEN066 TEN067 TEN069 TEN070 TEN071 TEN072 TEN073 TEN075 TEN078 TEN079 TEN080 TEN081 TEN082 TEN083 TEN085 TEN086 TEN087 TEN088 TEN089 TEN090 TEN091 TEN092 TEN094 TEN095 TEN096

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