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1. Can you tell me a little bit about your artworks that are hanging in Dapper?

Well, for my cacti artworks being displayed in Dapper Darlings this month I had a few inspirations. My main sources of inspiration we’re 60s music posters and also a sort of 80s inspired post-modernism. My favourite kinds of illustrations are drawn with thin bold lines and bright colours and that can be seen in my illustrations. I have an interest in South-Western desert themes and I love cacti and succulents. My artworks incorporate those interests with colour interpretations of the 60s, 70s and 80s, strongly reflecting psychedelic patterns. So the artworks ultimately express a nostalgic interpretation of colour and line and pattern.

2. How did you get into art and do you study or are you self-taught?  

Art has been something I’ve always been interested in. I study Anthropology, which is essentially the study of culture and in my mind that correlates directly with artistic expression. Art to me is observing the cultural aesthetics around us, manipulating those interpretations and expressing them visually in a new physical form; for me that’s with paper and pens. So yes, I’m self-taught.

3. Are you from the Central Coast and what do you think about Long Jetty?   

I grew up on the Central Coast and I have seen it change so much over the years. Long Jetty has really boomed recently and become a real creative hub for the Central Coast. Such a cool spot for Coasties who want to experience a creative scene without having to travel to Sydney. With all its vintage based stores too it really reflects the current fashion trends which take their inspiration from the past.

4. Where can we see your work in the future?    

I don’t actually have any set in stone plans for my art in the future. I’ll hopefully be exhibiting more artworks elsewhere soon. Otherwise I’ll be developing some t-shirts with some new designs at an unknown point in the near future.

5. Do you have a blog/ tumblr/ Instagram/ contact where people can find you?

At this point people can find me on Instagram under the name inti_art. I’m developing a webpage under the name “INTI” so keep an eye out for more details on Instagram. I plan to have this up and running as soon as possible. Also anyone can contact me through my email at laura.petrusma@gmail.com




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Dapper Darlings is a vintage clothing store on the Central Coast of NSW selling vintage clothing and locally hand made crafts. Dapper Darlings was born out of the idea that old is beautiful, recycling is fashionable and being an individual is priority. You will find a range of vintage dresses, skirts, blouses, retro knits, mens and womans button up shirts and jackets, shoes, bags, scarves and anything else we uncover in the wonderful world of the old. Every item is hand picked, mended, dyed, altered or just left in all its vintage glory. Some things you just can not improve on! Keep an eye on our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram @dapperdarlings to see whats happening in our world!

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