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Scotts artworks will be hanging in Dapper Darlings till early March. They are all originals, awesome and $55.

  1. 1.    Hello Scott! Can you tell me a little bit about your artworks that are hanging in Dapper this month?

Hello! My paintings are done in traditional tattoo style so they are bright and bold the designs are generally my own take on classic tattoo flash & folk art. I really like the idea of referencing designs from decades ago and making them my own. But that being said I always try to come up with my own ideas and designs for flash. My mediums are ink & watercolour as most good flash should be! 

2. How did you get into art and do you study or are you self-taught?

I have been drawing and painting as long as I can remember. I got into drawing tattoo flash when I turned 18 and attempted to draw a design for my first tattoo…which I fluked and it didn’t turn out too bad. I pretty much got hooked on tattoo’s and in turn drawing stuff I wanted tattooed. I then I found out about Sailor Jerry and spit shading and it all started…really slowly… I mean I literally thought spit shading meant you spat in a cup and used that to blend the colours…and I did that for about 2 years…until a good friend told me that I was doing everything wrong and taught me what water was. So yeah, I was self taught! A lot of trial and error. Now with spit shading being so popular, there are plenty of resources online to learn how to do it…which I wish I’d found earlier! haha

 3. Are you from the Central Coast and what do you think about Long Jetty?

Yes born and reared on the Coast. I’m not gonna lie, I am really jealous of what is going on in Long jetty at the moment. I mean, talk about people making something out of nothing…you guys have something great going on in LJ from Dapper, to The Glass Onion and everyone in between. There’s a really good vibe and a lot of people who seem to really love and take pride in what they are doing…and I love it!! I just wish you would share it with us over in 2woy.

4. Where can we see your work in the future?

Well obviously people should be popping into Dapper to see my paintings. But hopefully if I’m lucky 2014 will be the year of myself getting out there and displaying my stuff more often! But hey If that doesn’t work out my Mum will hang my paintings on her fridge, so that will do!

5. Do you have a blog/ tumblr/ Instagram/ contact where people can find you?

I do you can catch me @sensiblescott on Instagram.. I have a tumblr but im really bad at using it so probably don’t bother…but if you are bothering the link is http://sensiblescott.tumblr.com/

__________________________ S C O T T W A L K E R ______________________________

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Dapper Darlings is a vintage clothing store on the Central Coast of NSW selling vintage clothing and locally hand made crafts. Dapper Darlings was born out of the idea that old is beautiful, recycling is fashionable and being an individual is priority. You will find a range of vintage dresses, skirts, blouses, retro knits, mens and womans button up shirts and jackets, shoes, bags, scarves and anything else we uncover in the wonderful world of the old. Every item is hand picked, mended, dyed, altered or just left in all its vintage glory. Some things you just can not improve on! Keep an eye on our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram @dapperdarlings to see whats happening in our world!

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