Mixing It Up!

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I thought I would do a little blog post about mixing vintage items with the regular items you have in your closet and to show some different ways to dress your outfits up with the cute jewellery we stock at Dapper Darlings! You don’t have to be going out or be super dressed up to wear vintage clothes!

Look One: Casual Beach Babe

Lucy is wearing up-cycled cut off denim shorts and a vintage 90’s button up shirt from Dapper Darlings. We also added a Pendejo Bolo Tie.You can wear them loose as pictured or tightened right up to your collar.

Every girl has an oversized pair of sunnies and some brown leather sandals to finish the look. Casual, beachy vibe. Perfect for sunny days and riding bikes!
LindaWalesPhotography688 Untitled-12 Look Two: Off To Work

For the worker girl look we have paired a vintage A-line skirt from Dapper Darlings with Lucy’s own ASOS top (with gorgeous beaded collar) and black wedges. We finished the look with Bel Blu Pyrite Bullet necklace. Minimal jewellery is needed in this outfit as the collar is so detailed. The gorgeous Bel Blu necklaces may look subtle from a distance but once they have caught someones eye they quickly become a conversation starter!

It is really easy to modernise vintage pieces with a modern addition to the outfit in this case the top. To really “vintage up” this look you could wear a white nanna blouse or a cherry covered rockabilly halter top!

LindaWalesPhotography693 Untitled-13 Look Three: Grunge Goddess 

The 90’s are so in right now. No joke, lots of floral dresses and Doc Martens have been getting around the Jetty! This vintage jumpsuit from Dapper Darlings is pure 90’s. Pair them with some stomping boots and you have the perfect festival, shopping, listening to Nirvana, hanging out at the mall outfit!

You would think that mixing a angular gold necklace from Frankly My Dear, a cute floral jumpsuit and some heavy metal stomping boots, won’t work but it does! Its important to mix and match styles. Everything is in fashion these days, you can wear whatever you want! This outfit is the perfect example.LindaWalesPhotography696 Untitled-14 Look Four: Time To Party

Sunday afternoon at the beery won’t know what hit it. Paisley print button up shirt and vintage boots from Dapper Darlings paired with Black Milk skeleton tights. This look is finished with Frankly My Dear Gold Trio necklace and Arrabella Fox skull bracelets.

You will be getting down on the D-floor, drinking ciders and just being awesome dressed like this. You might even pick up. Whatever happens, you will stand out!

LindaWalesPhotography687 Untitled-1

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Dapper Darlings is a vintage clothing store on the Central Coast of NSW selling vintage clothing and locally hand made crafts. Dapper Darlings was born out of the idea that old is beautiful, recycling is fashionable and being an individual is priority. You will find a range of vintage dresses, skirts, blouses, retro knits, mens and womans button up shirts and jackets, shoes, bags, scarves and anything else we uncover in the wonderful world of the old. Every item is hand picked, mended, dyed, altered or just left in all its vintage glory. Some things you just can not improve on! Keep an eye on our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram @dapperdarlings to see whats happening in our world!

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